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Time and Space: entering the ISS era

February 3, 2021

It's not just Europeans who have flown into orbit, Europe has also produced some impressive pieces of space-worthy kit. In this episode, hosts Ally Koehler and Stephen Ennis take a look at some of the post-SpaceLab ESA projects that never quite made it, before entering the International Space Station era with guests Philippe Berthe, Frank De Winne, and Alan Thirkettle.  

Philippe is ESA Project Coordination Manager for the European Service Modules (ESM) that will power NASA's Orion spacecraft that will fly around – and to – the Moon. Frank was the first European commander of the International Space Station. He currently wears many hats, including ESA International Space Station Programme Manager. Alan is an engineering expert and was ESA's first ISS Programme Manager. 

Please forgive audio quality in some parts of this episode. All content was recorded remotely due to COVID-19 regulations. 

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